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02 July 2012

Trondheim Vlog part 1, finally!

Two weeks ago Simon and Jonas went on a spotting trip to Trondheim, Norway. Here is the delayed first part of the Vlog!

Sorry for the delay, but now you can finally enjoy the first part of our vlog from the Trondheim trip, Of course you can activate English subtitles by pressing the CC icon in the player.

Parts two and three can be expected within the following days, so keep an eye open!


  1. Fun to see, but your choice of food sounds horrible! Watch out or you won't need a car to roll between airports.

    1. Haha, there is nothing wrong with räkost and chips ;) Usually our spotting trips are not synonymous with health and good diets. But it keeps the blood sugar up to we don't fall asleep or kill each other :)

      /Jonas Herjeby - Ostersund Photography