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27 October 2012

Air Europa and Corendon are back in town!

Jonas and Simon were back in Östersund for a few days so they took the opportunity to shoot the arrivals of Air Europa and Corendon.


Air Europa is back again this year flying from Grand Canarias to Östersund. They are flying during eight weeks this winter with a Boeing 737-800. 
We had planed to head out to the airport in the morning for the arrival of Freebird but we woke up to low clouds, rain and TC-FBV on it’s way in. TC-FBV is the most common Freebird at Östersund so we decided to stay home and wait out the weather. 

Air Europa was due to arrive at 15:00 and the rain and clouds started to clear up by lunch. We headed out to the airport and talked to the ATC-controller who was kind enough let us come up in the tower to get the shots. 

A classic spotter meal, coffee and chocolate cake! Also known as "fika" in Sweden.

We got there a bit early so we stayed in the car with a cup of coffee and some chocolate cake. The chocolate cake was made on demand from Jonas as a reason to come home over the weekend!

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Air Europa 751, EC-III on runway 12 after a long flight from Grand Canaria.

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After some time we could hear Air Europa 751 over the radio and it was time to head up to the tower! Not long after that EC-III touched down on runway 12 after a 05:19h long flight directly from Grand Canarias. Murphy’s law was present as always and we hade a few clouds that covered the sun just as they arrived. It cleared up shortly after!

About 30 minutes later SAS arrived on one of it’s scheduled flights from Arlanda as SK2064 with LN-RRR, a Boeing 737-600. The sky was now clear and the autumn light was just great.

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Scandinavian 2064, LN-RRR on short final runway 12.

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Simon seen here taking some shots of the arrival of SAS.

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Direktflyg with a JS31 after departure from runway 30 on it's way to Umeå.

Both SAS and Air Europa got ready around the same time but Air Europa was quick and got the taxi clearance first! They slowly taxied out for runway 30 and departed a few minutes late after an hour turnaround. It was a heavy departure for sure, took almost the whole runway to get airborne for it’s 06:10h long flight back home.

Not long after SAS was ready and departed from runway 30 about 10 min later, also in beautiful light!

It was now time to head home but not for long. Corendon was to arrive the next day!

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Seen here as Air Europa 752 infront of the terminal.

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Scandinavian 2065 heading back to Stockholm.


Corendon was to arrive at 18:30 so it was dark when we headed out to the airport. We got over to the other side of the airport to film the landing on runway 30. It was so dark by now that we hade a hard time to find our way back to the car after the landing.

Jonas is waiting for the arrival of Corendon!

It was a very busy evening at the aiport!

We headed down to the terminal after they landed to see if we could go airside to get some shoots. The terminal was stuffed with passengers once we got there, so we didn’t bother to ask when we noticed that Corendon had parked very close to the car parking. So we could get some shots from there.

We got some shots and video from the parking lot of the departure. The temperature was now below zero and with a cold breeze, so we headed home for some other Friday activities as soon as they departed.

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Corendon 737-800 just before it's departure back to Antalya. Note the "We love Alanya" sign on it's nose.

That was it from this week but make sure that you don’t miss the episode of our Vlog from these two days! It’s in Swedish but with English subtitles! And also, sorry for the late publishing of the video! We had some technical issues during the editing causing the delay.

Jonas Herjeby

Simon Brygg