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18 June 2012

Spotting trip to Trondheim, day 3

After two days of shooting in various light situations at Trondheim airport, we have come to the last one. This turned out to be a short, but eventful day.

Like yesterday we got up at 05:45 to check the weather, only to find it raining and with fog rolling in over the airport. We decided to try again in an hour.

This was the lovely weather we found outside at 6 AM.

Since we hadn't slept very well during the last two days we naturally overslept. However, something woke Simon up and just as we looked out the window we saw Onur Air land and starting to vacate the runway. We threw on some clothes, grabbed our cameras and ran out to the fire escape stairs and managed to get some photos of it.

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Onur Air taxiing to apron after vacating runway 27.

After this chaotic wakeup we returned to the room to get some breakfast and the rest of our gear. Since the weather wasn't so much better we stayed in in wait of more interesting traffic.
   When we got out again we noticed that baggage carts and boarding stairs moved across the runway to the military side of the airport. Not long after a Airbus A320 appeared in the distance on final for runway 27.

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Smartlynx Airlines taxiing to cross the runway over to the other side of the airport.

It turned out to be a chartered Smartlynx Airlines flight carrying a bunch of green men. We don't know if these were Norwegian soldiers serving abroad or if it was some other troop transport flight.

A lot of green men pouring out of this Airbus A320.

We stayed put on the hotel stairs as the regular traffic kept coming and leaving. Unfortunately the weather was really dull and the thick overcast didn't let much light shine through.

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Wideroe with the military charter in the background.

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A SAS Boeing 737-500 Classic taxing out to runway 09.

Two more unexpected visitors were two SAAB 105OE (known as SK60 in the Swedish airforce) from the Austrian airforce.

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Along with SAS and Norwegian, Wideroe is one of the most common airlines on Trondheim Værnes.

After a while both Onur Air and Smartlynx were ready to leave Trondheim and so were we. After photographing the two departures we returned to our room as some dark clouds decided to start rain on us.

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Onur Air taking of from runway 27 with the course set on Turkey.

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Smartlynx crossing the runway again to taxi for line up.

After getting some rest for the three hour drive back home we packed up our things and checked out from the hotel. There was still one location that we hadn't tried out, the one on the mountain next to the runway offering an amazing view over the whole area. So before heading home, we drove up there to have a look.

You could see the entire airport from up there. The sun even started to shine when we were up there!

Simon standing in front of the beautiful Norwegian scenery.

So, this is it. Now we are back home and this trip is over. We hope you have enjoyed our photos and that you are excited to see the upcoming vLogs from the trip, too.
   The videos can be expected within a few days, so stay tuned. Until then, as always, keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter!

Jonas Herjeby

Simon Brygg


  1. När kommer v-loggen från Trd?

  2. Vi vet att det har dragit ut på tiden men Jonas som är ansvarig för redigering har jobbat i princip varje dag sedan vi kom hem från Trondheim! Själva redigeringen av alla tre delarna är nu klara men håller på med textning nu för våra icke svenska läsare!

    Del ett kommer ut i veckan i alla fall, det kan vi garantera och kommer även två till intressanta reportage till inom kort!

    /Simon Brygg - Ostersund Photography