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31 August 2012

More charter traffic and a visit from Malmö Aviation.

Today Simon headed out to Östersund airport for the arrival of two SAS charter flights, along with another charter from Malmö Aviation and the "normal" arrival of Freebird from Antalya.

The first arrival of the day was Frida Viking, LN-RRJ, one of the newer from SAS 737-800's with winglets. It was a charter flight from an unknown location, the last stop on its way was Arlanda and we don't know so much more than that.

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LN-RRJ in action on runway 12 after landning as SAS7010 from Arlanda. LN-RRJ was delivered directly from Boeing in 2009 and was one of the first 737s to fly in SAS colors with winglets.

They arrived on time, 08:15 local time on runway 12 in cold and windy conditions and just 15 min later her sister LN-RRS arrived as the second charter from SAS this day! They where both fast to unload as they where to fly empty back to Arlanda. During the time they were getting ready we had a nowadays rare visitor from a MD-80, LN-ROT Ingjaid Viking, flying one of the daily scheduled flight for SAS as SK066. A lovely sight as always! We now had three SAS airplanes at the apron at the same time, even that is a rare sight at Östersund Aiport in 2012!

LN-RRS, Ymer Viking was delivered to SAS in 2001 as SE-DYM and has now been equipped with a WI-FI, Internet receiver on the roof.

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Not every day that we see the lovely MD80 at Östersund anymore! Seen here on taxiway Foxtrot on it's way to the apron as SAS066. LN-ROT, Ingjaid Viking, was delivered to SAS in 1986 as SE-DFV, then later SE-DFR.

15 years ago you could see a line of MD80 and DC9 like this but to have three flights from SAS at the apron at the same time is not a common sight nowadays!

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A nose view of LN-RRJ right before the engine start.

It was very stressful for me as a single photographer this day to capture everything on video and photos as one plane arrived and another departed. This was the case when I was shooting LN-RRJ starting up and I could see Freebird TC-FBV on short final runway 12. I had to move quickly and reset the camera with another lens to get some video of the landing! You can actually see on the vLog when LN-RRJ is taking of just as I shoot Freebird on her way in to the apron! I can say that we aren't used to have more than one movement at the time at this airport!

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The captain "hands" back the final papers to the load master right before departure. Note the paper in "mid air"

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The second 737-800 for the day is heading back empty to Arlanda after leaving off the charter passengers. Note the Wi-Fi module on the roof. (The landning can be seen in the vLog)

LN-RRS was soon to follow her sister down to Arlanda, so I got the departure on video and then I had to relocate fast to get the landing of the RJ 100, SE-DSR from Malmö Aviation! And just as they landed, the MD80 requested startup as SK073. Once again I had to act fast and move again to get the angle that I wanted of that departure! I got there in time and what a lovely sound as the MD80 powered down the runway!

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Just look at that! The power off the Maddog taking of is something special! Seen here as SAS073 to Stockholm, Arlanda.

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Malmö Aviation also had a charter flight to Östersund today, seen here before departure back to Malmö. SE-DSR was built in in 1994 and flew as N506MM for Sociedad Aeronautica Medellin before it was delivered to Malmö Aviation back in 2001. (The landning can be seen in the vLog)

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TC-FBV, same plane as last week! Seen here after departure from runway 12, heading for Antalya. (The landning can be seen in the vLog)

Don't think that I could take a small pause now, no no! Once again I had to act fast and get back down next to the apron as the RJ-100 was getting ready for departure as well! I got there in time and got some photos of her at the apron and some video from the takeoff!

Freebird was parked on the other side of the terminal so I knew that I couldn't get any good shots from there so once again I headed up to the other side of the airfield to get a nice view from the takeoff! Again I was lucky and got up there just as Freebird started to move on the apron. I took a nice shoot from the angle that I liked and I could finally calm down after two hectic hours!
As always, everything is happening at the same time and then the airport gets quiet and has not another movement for a few hours, so it was time to head for lunch and then head home!

That was it for now and make sure you don't miss the episode of our Vlog from this day below.
A new feature in the Vlog now is that it is all in English now!

Simon Brygg


  1. Henrik Svahn05/11/2012, 14:19

    Väldigt bra bilder (som alltid) och samma med eran Vlog. Men en sak jag tänkt på och måste få fråga är, vid 5:48 så ser man ju nere i högra hörnet att simon fotar MD-80 som lyfter. Då är min fråga, hur fasen gör du för att vrida kameran/mobilen eller vad du nu filmar med, eftersom du var där ute själv denna gång? :)

  2. Henrik Svahn05/11/2012, 14:21

    Och en sak till, varför i hela världen sitter du i passagerarsätet i bilen mot slutet av videon? Det är väl ändå du som kör?