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22 May 2012

Skyways and City Airline files for bankruptcy

The aviation business is a very unstable being and the economic insecurity that is moving all over Europe is not helping. Today yet another airline announced they will file for bankruptcy.

On the morning of Tuesday, May 22, Skyways announced they will file for bankruptcy and all their flights were held, causing the stranding of many passengers. The bankruptcy also affects City Airline, that was bought by Skyways a year ago.
   Skyways is a well-known regional airline in Sweden and operates to over 20 destinations here and in Europe. Both Skyways and City Airline have visited Åre Östersund Airport, and especially the latter was a frequent visitor from Gothenburg during the ski seasons. They have been here every winter since 2008.

Over the last six months Skyways have been struggling with financial problems, and according to the CEO Mikael Wångdahl it has been hard to keep it all up after Cimber ceased their operations a few weeks ago.
   The bankcruptcy was unexpected to many and it's still unknown how many passengers that will be affected by today's events. More information will probably follow from the airlines and Swedavia, that handles many of the airports in Sweden.

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SE-LEA visited Åre Östersund Airport in 2009 and the airline have been back here as chartered flights many times after that.

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SE-DZB was one of the City Airline machines that used to fly Gothenburg-Östersund during the ski seasons. This was shot in 2010.

Source: Swedish Radio SR (

Jonas Herjeby

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  1. Bankruptcy is the worst situation for a person or organization in its life time. In many case we can see that after filing bankruptcy one come up with good situation to start again but in many case one cant get up.